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Jin Kian


Jin Kian's Story

Goh Jin Kian was born in Singapore and is an Apprentice Baker, who was born with Down Syndrome, has flat feet, poor eyesight, and low muscle tone. He had surgery to plug three holes in his heart on his first birthday. He uses one good eye to see, and weight gain continues to be a challenging issue. He is always enthusiastic in reporting for work as an Apprentice in the baking section at HANIS, where his boss and fellow staff watch out and care for him.

Jin Kian is happy to be part of Relay Majulah, contributing in his own small way to the commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial, and in support of the President’s Challenge. In the words of Jin Kian’s mother, Margaret Soh, ‘We are grateful to be Singaporeans, in a place we have a sense of belonging to, a place we call home and where there is inclusion regardless of race, language, religion or abilities. May we come as ONE People, to foster a greater sense of belonging in our nation and to build a caring and inclusive society.’

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