Jesher's Story

Jesher Loi is the Director of Branding and Market Development at Ya Kun International. Being a third generation business owner, he is aware of the challenges and importance of building a business, which is why he really enjoys helping other business owners and entrepreneurs in their journey. He is also a Classical Orchestra Conductor as he loves working with youth through music and is also pretty active in the youth scene, helping build programmes to inspire the youth. 


To Jesher, Singapore is home. In Jesher's words, "We may be small but we have every right to be proud of it. Singapore's success can be seen on many levels and platforms. On an individual level, there are many inspiring stories of individuals overcoming difficulties and setbacks to succeed. It is my aspiration that through my participation in Relay Majulah in support of President's Challenge, I can do my part for the less advantaged to achieve their ambitions and pursue their dreams for a brighter and stronger Singapore."

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