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Jessica's Story

Wang Sing Yee Jessica have been running seriously since 2011 and when she also took part in her first SCMS Marathon. She has now ran over 40 marathons and done 3 ultras by the distances of 100km. Jessica enjoys running a lot and has also been with the Running Hour, a non-profit organisation in Singapore to promote inclusive sports.


Jessica's family originated from Taiwan and she was born here in Singapore in the 70's. She shared that there were not many Taiwanese then, but most of them have found a home here and became Singapore citizens. Jessica feels that she was brought up a true blue Singaporean, and enjoys the peace and safety that Singapore has. Most of all, she feels that all Singaporeans are given a chance to equality and freedom, which many of us do not realise.


To be part of this 200 runners team is really amazing to Jessica, knowing that everyone is participating in the same activity for the same cause. Singapore may be an affluent country now, but Jessica feels that there are still many less fortunate people around us and while we might not know them, our little effort and sincerity can help to better their lives. Jessica also hopes to make Singapore a more inclusive society.

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