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Jin Rong 


Jin Rong's Story

One of Lim Jin Rong's challenges in life was going back to school at a much older age as compared to his schoolmates. Despite the discomfort, Jin Rong is aware that he needs to focus on the larger picture and press on in life. He has a firm belief that hard work will always pay off.

An empathetic individual, Jin Rong recognises the challenges and efforts needed by both the organisers and participants to make Relay Majulah a success. He shares, "Organisers need the event to be executed flawlessly and with precision. Participants need to train months prior to event and endure the physical and mental pain during their runs."

Jin Rong hopes that through his participation in Relay Majulah, he and fellow runners can encourage more Singaporeans to take time out of their busy schedules to dedicate and commit time to help those in need. It is after all, always for the greater good.

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