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Job's Story

A Senior Manager at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Job Loei is definitely not new to helping those in need.

Being told you need dialysis is not the best news in the world, yet these were the unfortunate circumstances of Mr Loei, who was only 28 at the time, and a family with young children as well. In his words, ‘I felt the world crashing down on me’. However, he did not want his family to feel pain or despair, and most of all wanted to leave a legacy for his son, and so he fought on. 25 years later, he is able to lead a near-normal life, of thrice-weekly dialysis visits, and attributes this to ‘sheer determination and a spirit of positivity’.

Asked why he wishes to take part in Relay Majulah, Mr Loei states,
‘I want to convey a message of hope to our fellowmen. Sometimes, life can inflict us with pain and suffering, but we can always rise above adversities.’
Mr Loei’s story is proof that change, though painful, is possible, and invites all to join him in championing change in our country, our homeland.

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