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Joe's Story

Joe Chan is a youth worker from REACH Community Services, working with young people from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds. Together with his team, they provide programmes and services to see these young people discover their strengths and reach their potential in life. He believes that every young person deserves our attention because they hold the key to our future!


When Joe was a teenager, he went through much turmoil and pain of strained family relations, losing of his mom to cancer and battling with stresses at school. Coming out from all these seemed to have given him a different perspective about life. He's proud to have witnessed so many young people not giving in to the challenges but instead are pushing on and not giving up. 


Through his participation in the Relay Majulah, he hopes to raise awareness for the underprivileged and marginalised children/youths. Joe hopes that everyone can be more sensitive and compassionate towards our young ones who just need a little encouragement and help from us and is encouraging everyone to  support this cause generously!

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