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John's Story

John Low is currently a research assistant in Duke-NUS graduate medical school and he is running for the marginalised communities in Singapore and in the region. A couple of years ago - when the Rohingya crisis was at it's peak - John travelled to Aceh, Indonesia to work with Rohingya's displaced by the conflict. Working with a local NGO, he visited three refugee camps in an attempt to hear more about their stories and how he, as a Singaporean, can help. 

Unfortunately, the refugee camps were shut down not long after he returned home and the refugees were granted asylum in the USA. But the experience has left a deep impression on me and he turned his efforts to other marginalised communities in Singapore. It turns out that there isn't a need to look far. John has since volunteered at Healthserve as a clinic assistant serving migrant workers and he is currently under going training as a clinic assistant with Action for Aids, Singapore. 

"These hidden communities are all around us. And just like what we're doing in this Relay, any effort (no matter how small) goes a long way in improving the lives of beneficiaries of the 67 charities.” - John Low


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