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Kelvin's Story

A school drop out after Primary 6, Kelvin Koh is no stranger to the prison system. He started sniffing glue after dropping out of school, and went harder into sleeping pills after mixing with the wrong company of friends. The substance abuse led him to lose control of his senses between right and wrong causing him to commit crimes such as theft and robbery. He got married in 2000 when he was 31 years old but could not control himself and ended up in jail again in 2002. During the period of his imprisonment, he converted into Christianity. He managed to appeal on his sentencing and was released 7 years earlier than the term he was sentenced into. He has been cleaned since.

Now he works as a family driver for owners of a legal firm and volunteered his Saturday morning visiting seniors at Jalan Kukoh as well as visiting imates on Tuesday night. He felt God has performed many miracles for him and given him another chance to live a good life. He felt blessed and wanted to do what he can to pay it forward. Proud and honored of being a Singaporean, this is his first time participating in a long run. It will be a tough one for him, but through Relay Majulah, he wants to show his loved ones nothing is impossible.

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