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Kok Chuan


Kok Chuan's Story

Running has always been Tan Kok Chuan's passion. An avid runner, Kok Chuan's passion and love for running has inspired many to take up the sport for a healthy lifestyle. 

To him, running is easy and can be done anywhere. He does not seek out the competitive nature in running but rather, the motivation and camaraderie that is fostered among fellow runners in their common effort to 'complete the extra distance'. As such, Kok Chuan has a particular fondness for relays due to the activity's reliance on team work. Some of the relays he has conquered include the Sundown Ultra Marathon, SCG Ultra Ekiden, Mizuno Ekiden and Asics relay. 

Relay Majulah will be the first time Kok Chuan is doing a relay on such a large scale, one involving 200 runners to conquer 2000km over 8 days. In anticipation of the relay, he has roped in some of his running buddies as well as his wife to be part of Relay Majulah to build support and make it a success. Kok Chuan will be running to give back to our society and build a nation that truly cares. 

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