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Kenneth's Story

Kenneth Yap is the Chief Business Officer at Heycoins, a Financial Technology Startup aiming to alleviate the world’s use of physical cash, particularly coins, and solve the issues that hinder us from becoming truly a cashless society.

Much like the contributions Kenneth tries to make towards the youth development sector -  such as being in the Youth Corps for 2 years, followed by initiating a Youth Expedition Programme project in North India which is currently in its 3rd iteration, Kenneth believes it boils down to having a passion to pay it forward, instilling service to community in several aspects of his professional and personal life through balance. 

Starting as a hobby during his National Service days, running eventually grew into a passion for Kenneth when he participated in 2 Gobi Desert mini ultra-marathons in 2017 and 2018. Ever since, he has found himself partaking in local half and full marathons, but Relay Majulah will be his first ever Charity run! His simple wish from his participation being to rally friends and loved ones toward the noble causes and charities under the President’s Challenge.

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