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Kenny's Story

Kenny Eng is the Director of Gardenasia - the hortitainment arm of the Nyee Phoe Group - and a thought leader in the farm entertainment space. Growing up amongst gardens and greens as part of Nyee Phoe's 4th generation, the legacy and values of his family's century-old horticulture business - being evergreen, upholding quality and setting trends - have always been deeply ingrained in the aspiring entrepreneur's mind.

As a farmpreneur or entrepreneur, he is constantly looking out for the tipping point for his businesses or life in general. But as the going gets tougher, the tough gets going. Kenny feels that at the end of the day, it is the positive spirit in him as well as the support from colleagues, families and friends that motivates him to continue the journey. This is also the reason why he is taking part in the Relay Majulah - as an act of solidarity for the community in need to know that we are alongside them, we are with them - in life's journey. May we continue to come as ONE community to build OUR community.

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