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Kwang Hwee


Kwang Hwee's Story

Seah Kwang Hwee is an Assistant Vice President at A*ccelerate Technologies (formerly known as Exploit Technologies), the commercialization arm for the Agency for Science, Technology and Research. 

His late mother was diagnosed with early stage lung cancer in July 2012. What followed subsequently was the removal of half the left lung and numerous sessions of chemotherapy. She did it all, from clinical trials (oral prescriptions) to intravenous therapy treatments at the cancer centres at SGH and NUH. Having soldiered on for six years, his late mum finally moved on to a better resting place in May 2018. 

To commemorate Kwang Hwee’s late mum for her courage and resilience, he decided to do his part to support cancer patients by participating in the Hair-For-Hope campaign in July 2019. He personally managed to raise $8,400, while collectively as Windsli group (comprising fellow Chinese Metaphysics enthusiasts), they managed to raise over $27,000. 

"It is an honour to be able to participate in Relay Majulah to do my little part for Singapore and the 67 charities under the President's Challenge. Let us do our part to support cancer patients. The journey is hard but you are not alone!” - Kwang Hwee

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