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Leslie's Story

Leslie Chew has been a supporter and a volunteer of Yellow Ribbon Project for over 10 years. Sometimes, he feels that it is tough having to juggle work and personal commitments while volunteering, but he knows that it is time worth investing in when he knows that lives have been touched and transformed. 


He used to be part of the team that organises Sundown Marathon and has completed 8 full marathons. His current job focuses on organising events that support women entrepreneurship. Despite the hectic schedules, he has not lost his focus on his family and his faith keeps him grounded with a strong sense of purpose in life. 


He is looking forward to being part of Relay Majulah, where he would be part of the 200 runners who will run to advocate for a better tomorrow and a brighter future in the lives of many in our community. He would like to invite all to join him and fellow Relay Majulah runners to make the lives of fellow Singaporeans, better and brighter.

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