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Lee Sisters

Lee Sister's Story

The Lee Sisters - Patricia, Helen, Mary, Rose, Margaret and Agnes are participating in Relay Majulah in support of Children with Rare Disorders. There are 7,000 rare diseases in the world, many of which are undiagnosed. They believe in creating more awareness so help and support can come through to these families.As proud Singaporeans, the Lee Sisters believe in the power of unity and as they take each step, they hope to touch the hearts of each and every one to step forward and join them for a good cause. They believe that regardless of race or religion, we are ONE Singapore.


Growing up in a single parent family with a sole breadwinner (their mother) is by no means an easy feat for their mother and the 6 kids. Looking back, it was amazing how each of the 6 sisters overcame the difficulties and are now leading a meaningful life. Their bond has always been strong with their mother as the pillar of strength. 


In November 2008, when a special needs child with rare disorder came into their lives, they were informed that statistically, children with such conditions do not live beyond the age of 4. It was a traumatizing phase. However, their sister Mary never gave up hope, stayed positive, believed in God and His works. Today, not only is the family coping well with the child, she is also supporting other families who are going through the same journey. 


When their youngest sister was struck with stroke (raptured aneurysm) on September 2017, it was yet, another very difficult time for them. As they can only rely on God’s miracles, they prayed and became a source of strength and comfort to each other. They are thankful to everyone around them for the support in both good and bad times. 


The Lee Sisters started Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) (RDSS) Runners Group in May 2013 where they found it meaningful to run for a cause. RDSS members are children with rare disorders. Their first inaugural run took place in conjunction with The Straits Times Run 2013 with just 25 runners. Within a year, they hit a participation of 65 voluntary runners. Their main objective is to raise awareness for children with rare disorders as RDSS is not as well-known as other

organisations.  In March 2019, the Lee Sisters helped RDSS organised its inaugural Racefor7 Run, another ground-up initiative. The Lee Sisters used to be avid runners but many of them have since cut down on running mainly due to health conditions. Having said that, sports is in their blood and they can manage short distance run and other sports - to keep a good fitness level. 


One of their happiest moments is when strangers approach them and ask about RDSS. Looking at how happy the beneficiaries of RDSS are, as well as the support they received from the public in the form of donations, participation as runners, volunteers or supporters - heartens them. 

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