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Li San


Li San's Story

Poh Li San was a former search and rescue helicopter pilot. And she is currently a planner for airport development. She was part of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Humanitarian and Relief mission to Aceh following the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 where she sent food, water and medical aid to the villages with her team of helicopters. 

Li San has seen a lot throughout the course of her career and maybe that's why she is inspired by people who bounces back from the brink of death or failure and the indomitable human spirit. This experienced runner has been running since her teenage years and feels that it allows her to enter a special mental zone of deep relaxation and creativity, or perhaps she's just addicted to the endorphins, she shared candidly. 

Even though Relay Majulah is going to be challenging as Li San needs to push herself hard in the lead-up training to complete 20km under 2 hour, she is motivated to press on to raise funds for the 67 charities under the President's Challenge, and is looking forward to meet like-minded fellow runners and hope that more beneficiaries can receive help and perhaps be inspired to pick up running as a sport too.

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