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Lionel's Story

Li Xiaobo, Lionel is the partner of Fenghe Group and founder of Qiming Foundation in Singapore. As an avid marathoner, he has completed WMM (World Marathon Majors), 777 World Marathon Challenge, North Pole Marathon and Round-Taiwan-Island Ultra-Marathon (1045km) amongst many other marathons in the world. He is also a member of The Marathon Grand Slam Clubs.


Lionel has always been passionate about charity events. He was the President of the Beijing Lions Clubs in 2008, and he won the Humanitarian Partner Award of the Lions Clubs International Foundation in 2017. In recent years, Lionel has begun to tap on his passion for sports to activate a greater community of care by promoting sportsmanship. He believes that sports can change lives. Two charity photo collections which Lionel sponsored, 42.195& Beyond and Run Taiwan Just Now, have been published in Singapore and Taiwan. Lionel is a sponsor for SportCares - Qiming Foundation Multi-Sport Programme. The program provides structured early-intervention for youths at risk to support their positive development and meaningful engagement with the mainstream community.

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