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Li Ping


Li Ping's Story

Chiam Li Ping is a financial services professional, an avid marathoner and an ex-National dragon boater. Sports is a large part in her life and has shaped her in more ways than she. would have thought.


Her running journey can be described as happenstance as it began as a coping mechanism for the loss of her beloved grandmother and the chance of getting a ballot entry in the 2014 Tokyo Marathon. This journey has taught her lessons which the classroom cannot teach, brought her to places that she have never been, experiences that she never would have imagined to experience, meeting people from all walks of life and forging invaluable friendships with some of them.


Li Ping privileged to be part of Relay Majulah and have the chance to contribute via the sport that she loves, she endeavours to put in my best effort into this ground-up initiative to fund raise for the less fortunate so they can also have a step forward brighter futures and experiences to recount too.

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