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Luke's Story

Having been diagnosed with thalassemia minor and flat foot before Luke Low entered into National Service, requires him to stop doing cardio-focus exercises like running. Ironically, it's through running all these 17 years that helped better his condition and keeps him fitter than before.


In commemoration of Singapore's 200th, he is thrilled to give back to the community at large by taking part in Relay Majulah to raise funds for President's Challenge. Through his individual effort, he hopes to do his part to better fellow Singaporeans' lives. He is a believer that "individually, we may not count much but collectively, we can show the world what it means to be a Singaporean - people who truly love and care for one another." He also hopes to inspire more people to take up sports for a healthy lifestyle and to spread love and joy to the needy, so they know they never walk alone.

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