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Lossini's Story

Lossini Jayapandian is currently working in Deloitte as a Senior Marketing Executive. If there is something she could be proud of, it is definitely the place she is in today. Several years ago, it was a different story for her as a national athlete trying to make ends meet. With almost no financial support, she had to work 2-3 jobs almost every other day, attend school and train at high intensity for years. She could have chosen to let go and give up. But she told herself to press on, else she wouldn't have learnt how to fight. She wouldn't have met some exceptional people, nor have met her lifelong friends. She is a believer that the values sports instil in one are immeasurable. She has a record that she still holds. That being said, she shares that her position today was made possible because people gave her the opportunities to become a better person. 


Through her participation in Relay Majulah, she hopes that we can build each other up so that we are stronger together than we are individually. Live a life well with purpose, so that when you look back, you will have something to be proud of and call your own.

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