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Marinna's Story

During the early days of Marinna’s life, was one of her top priorities. It was not until 2008, after facing a major setback in life, Marinna started to think of what she would like to do and achieve, and not be too consumed by work. 

She decided to change her career to work in the non-profit sector. During her tenure with a non-governmental organisation (NGO), she started a group of like-minded volunteers to raise fund and create awareness for the organisation. They would partner with the event organisers for running events to work out a win-win agreement. Their mission for every run is to raise fund and create as much awareness for the organisation. At the end of every event that they participated in, they share one common feeling of achievement and sense of accomplishment that they have done what they have set out to do.

Even though Marinna is no longer with the organisation, her goal remain the same: To run to raise fund and create awareness for the NGOs that are in need of support and help. Her hope is that her participation in Relay Majulah will inspire others and the future generation to be more giving and to lead a better, healthier life.

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