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Mei Hui


Mei Hui's Story

Similar to many others, Lee Mei Hui’s life has not always been smooth sailing, and she has been through some difficult phases, though her most trying one was in her late teens. Mei Hui was facing new issues and was lost about her life’s decision, and at her lowest, she would wake up in the morning looking forward to going back to sleep at night, a form of escapism. Thankfully this only lasted a few months, and she credits her supportive friends and family who never gave up on her, as well as the mantra, ‘There will be light at the end of the tunnel as long as I keep taking baby steps forward.’

Mei Hui hopes that our society, as a whole, can be slower to judge, and instead seek empathy with the difficulties faced by individuals who have different needs may be going through. In her words, ‘Every small act can have a ripple effect and if more people can step forward to contribute in their own ways ,even if it is to just try to be more understanding and accommodating, it would make our society a better place to live in.’. To Mei Hui, participating in Relay Majulah is one way in which to equally spread awareness about the downtrodden, as well as help those in need, as she was helped by her family and friends.

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