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Chun Yeow


Chun Yeow's Story

Ong Chun Yeow is an aspiring urban farmer who grows edible produce at his apartment and rooftop community garden. As an IT professional, he has worked in the public service in enabling technology to improve accessibility of cultural heritage.


A nature lover turned farmer turned environmental advocate, he has been involved in the green community in Singapore for much of the past decade. His advocacy efforts are in the environmental, food and plastic waste reduction/upcycling activities and campaigns led by the Green Ambassadors, Green Nudge, Plastic-lite Singapore and Journey to Zero Waste Life in Singapore. On top of that, he has been supporting discussions, events and workshops for Foodscape Collective towards a circular food system, organic waste to compost and soil rehabilitation. He is also the co-founder of an eco-education startup called Eco-Lititude. Chun Yeow is glad to participate in Relay Majulah where we can make Singapore a more caring and compassionate society.

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