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Neyton's Story

If you've ever spotted someone in a Spiderman suit at races, that could very well be Neyton Tan. That's his alter ego he says, as he's also part of a group called Superhero Runners formed by like-minded people with the intention to improve themselves. For someone who only started running in his Army days, this avid triathlete had already completed more than 26 marathons and Ironman races and was also involved in Pacer programs for marathons. Besides running, Neyton had also completed cycling 1,000km to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation in 2014 and swam 288 laps for charity at Safra Swim for Hope in 2017. 


Growing up as an only child in a single parent family, Neyton confessed that he was never academically inclined when young and like any other kid, he enjoyed playing with his friends during his school days. This took a toll on his results and he couldn't get into his choice seconday school, nor did he do well enough to qualify for a Junior College. A local university also rejected him due to his low aggregate. Even though he felt like he was at the bottom of the pits, the one thought that kept running through his mind was, "The only way left is up". With that, he pulled himself together and used his strengths to make the best of the situation and went on to complete his diploma, undergraduate studies and eventually completed a Masters degree.


This year, Neyton is teaming up with other inspirational people running for the same cause as they raise funds for the President's Challenge through the Relay Majulah. He shared that his motivation for joining this event is to let everyone around him know that no matter how flawed or imperfect you are, you can still make a difference in other people's lives.

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