Nicholas's Story

Nicholas Rachmadi, a Singapore Sports School student and decorated triathlete, initially started out as a swimmer. He made the switch, with the support and encouragement from his father, after feeling his performance in swimming has plateaued.

His nickname ‘Corridor Runner’ came about when he revealed that he was not allowed to train with the school’s track and field team but improvised by training along the relatively open school corridors. Nicholas can run up to 10km depending on the training programme for the day. After three months training, he won his first competition at the 2016 Ultra Aquathlon in the U-15 dash category (300m swim, 2km run), beating 17 others with a time of 14 minutes and 29 seconds. In June of this year, he earned a SEA Games nomination for the duathlon mixed team relay after finishing first during trials organised by the Triathlon Association of Singapore. The aspiring surgeon reveals that he balances his time between training and his studies by focusing on one activity at a time.

Nicholas knows he, alone, cannot change the world by helping out, but he hopes to make an impact on the life of, at least, one person by running in Relay Majulah!

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