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Mingchang's Story

Wang Mingchang is a medical doctor practising family medicine and sports medicine at a restructured hospital. 


As Singapore’s population ages and life expectancies increase, there will be more elderly patients with complex medical conditions and associated complications.


It is not uncommon for such patients to have social and financial difficulties as well. For example, an elderly widow who stays alone in a one-room rented flat, unable to work due to pain from poorly-controlled rheumatoid arthritis. She has not been going for her medical appointments as she has difficulty walking. She has not been eating proper meals due to financial constraints. She gets weaker by the day and eventually ends up in hospital after a fall which fractures her hip.


Robust medical and social support services in the community are crucial in ensuring the well being of such patients and making sure they do not fall through the cracks. Funds raised from the Relay will go to home medical, eldercare, rehabilitation, mental health, befriender services, amongst others.


“I would be grateful for your support as we strive to keep our elderly in the community and out of hospitals. Thank you!”

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