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Ming Xiu


Ming Xiu's Story

Cho Ming Xiu is currently the Founder and Executive Director of Campus PSY Limited, a 'By Youths, For Youths' non-profit organization, that aims to promote mental health awareness and peer support among youths and young adults in the schools and workplaces through advocacy, training, support and volunteering to create an inclusive and supportive community for youths with mental health issues.


His dreams and hopes would be that one day, we will be able to equip all young Singaporeans in the schools and the workplace, with basic mental health literacy and peer helping skills, so that they will be able to support fellow peers who might be in distress or struggling with mental health issues by providing a non-judgmental listening ear and empathize with their challenges, with a heart to first understand and not label. He hopes that through his fundraising efforts, our society will be able to come together as ONE to give back to the community. Let's create an inclusive and supportive society for youths with mental health issues in Singapore, together.

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