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Hanifa's Story

Mohamed Hanifa is someone that draws inspirations from what surrounds him - his loved ones, nature and even strangers. To him, psychological health is more important than physical health and running helps him by clearing his mind and filling it with positive energy. 

This civil servant feels that Relay Majulah is very different from the other marathons that he has conquered in the past as it is the first time he will be running for a cause. For Relay Majulah, he is running to raise awareness on the importance of fostering a culture of interfaith appreciation in Singapore. As a representative of Roses of Peace - a ground-up youth-driven initiative that aims to build bridges between faith and non-faith communities, foster interfaith appreciation and nurture youth leaders of tomorrow - he hopes to raise awareness within young Singaporeans like himself, to care about the cohesive future of Singapore. Hanifa greatly appreciates the hard work that our forefathers from various ethnic groups had put in to build an ethos of religious harmony amidst our diversity in Singapore, as this is also where his (Indian) grandfather met and fell in love with his (Chinese) grandmother. Therefore, he is truly excited to be a part of this relay to celebrate the harmony that we enjoy today. 

Through this run, Hanifa is looking forward to meeting a community of do-gooders that believe in making this world a better place through simple acts of kindness. He hopes that he can inspire young Singaporeans to step out of their comfort zones, expose themselves to the diversity around them and appreciate the peace and harmony that we enjoy in Singapore!

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