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Han Chee


Han Chee's Story

Lim Han Chee started running in 2006, at a point of his life when he needed structure and discipline as he was facing weight gain and needed to keep fit. As he ran, he became healthier, and not just that. He started to dream. The impossible dream that he would one day qualify for the Boston Marathon. The oldest Marathon in the world and the mecca of all marathoners.


Where there is stringent cut off times to run in order to qualify. 12 years on in 2018 at the age of 50, he finally qualified. And in 2019, he completed the 6 world marathon majors. The journey and the parallels it had with life inspired his personal life as well as others around him. That we can all dream. Anything is possible with belief. Han Chee feels that it is an honor to be part of Relay Majulah. To do good through sports. He hopes to infect his friends and loved ones with the belief that we can all achieve and his story is a testament of that.

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