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Mohamed Hanifa's Story

As we commemorate Singapore's 200 years, Hanifa decided to participate in Relay Majulah to raise awareness on the importance of fostering racial and religious harmony in Singapore and to raise funds for President's Challenge. He is a representative of Roses of Peace - a ground-up youth driven initiative that aims to build bridges between faith & non-faith communities, foster interfaith appreciation and nurture youth leaders of tomorrow - their aim is to raise awareness amongst young Singaporeans like himself, to care about the cohesive future of Singapore. 

"Just like how conquering 2,000km takes the effort of a dedicated 200-runners team, each and every Singaporean should remember that to achieve greater heights together as a nation, we need to work together harmoniously. I hope to encourage fellow youths to step up and do their part in building a Singapore that is culturally sensitive, appreciative and united as ONE.”

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