Nelson's Story

Weighing 128kg in 2013, Nelson Tulsiani was in danger of contracting diabetes. Today, the 47-year-old has shed nearly half his weight to 68kg, after signing up with a weight management programme at Changi Sports Medicine Centre. He is among 1,677 people who have benefited from the advice and supervision of the centre's sports physicians, dietitians and trainers since 2005.


He is participating in Relay Majulah to run for the betterment in the lives of our community in need, supported charities under President's Challenge and for our nation's progress. He hopes to inspire others to not only keep fit, but to also watch their weight, similar to the journey he had undertaken years back when he was overweight at 128kg. It is his 1st time running for a good cause and he is really looking forward to playing his part. Join Nelson in making a change in Our Singapore.

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