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Nick's Story

Nick Low is an Advertising Specialist. He started running with his group of friends in recent years due to his high cholesterol issue. He is an avid runner and participates in at least a few charity events yearly. He feels blessed that he is able to contribute to charity through his passion, which is running. His 2 sons are sprinters and they represent their schools in many tournaments. Their common interest in running allows them to spend more time together, and bonds them stronger as a family.


He is honored and look forward to participating in Relay Majulah, and to join fellow runners and friends in this meaningful fund-raising event for the 67 charities under the President's Challenge. He hopes to be able to create awareness, cultivate and spread the spirit of helping the less fortunate amongst us. May our "kampong spirit" brings the community together regardless of race and religion, to work as ONE to build our people, our nation.

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