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Patricvk's Story

Since young, Patricvk Tan had always been falling sick and he envy others who are always able to run about, play and are healthy. Hence, when he was in Secondary school, he joined the Scouts to strengthen his fitness. During the Basic Military Training when Patricvk was in the army, he wanted to go to the Officer Cadet School (OCS) but then he was sent to the School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC) (now known as Specialist Cadet School  SCS) instead. Patricvk was very disappointed. But that did not stop him from giving his best to the country. He did in the end, crossed over to OCS after the Basic Section Leader Course, to then be eventually commissioned as the Sword of Merit (Top 5 %). 


There are many people who had inspired Patricvk throughout his life including his granny who always tells me that if it's possible for others, it's possible for him.  He feels that there are so many people who were born without limbs and yet with their indomitable spirit, they are able to do so much more. Patricvk also shared that he is grateful to be part of the Relay Majulah as it is for a good cause and is looking forward to meeting fellow runners who are all wanting to continue back to our society, our homeland.

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