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Phei Sunn


Phei Sunn's Story

A civil servant and endurance athlete, Sim Phei Sunn was first introduced to mountaineering 15 years ago. She loves trail running as it energises her and helps to keep her grounded. She also views it as a safe space where she can have honest conversations with herself. 


Back when Phei Sunn first started, she gave herself an audacious goal of climbing Mount Everest. What seemed like an impossible dream hindered by many obstacles such as self-doubt and financial support, the then amateur runner with no athletics background did not even know where to start. Over the past years, Phei Sunn has climbed various peaks around the world and had her fair share of missed attempts. Every failed summit seemed to reinforce a self-limiting belief that she wasn't good enough and it was during those demoralising periods that she switched her energies to trail running and triathlons. 


Througout all these, Everest has always been on her mind and a breakthrough came in 2014 which gave her the confidence to pursue the Seven Summits Challenge where she made good progress with the peaks on the list. Though her hardwork and determination, this year, Phei Sunn is finally going to attempt Mount Everest!


Inspired by ordinary people breaking out of stereotypes to achieve their dreams, Phei Sunn hopes that with all the other runners in Relay Majulah, they can collectively make an impact to the lives of beneficiaries and bring them a step closer to their dreams. She also wish to remind all not to shortchange themselves in the pursuit of their dreams. It might take a longer route, a different route, or a redefined route, but it is your dream and you determine whether you are worthy of it or not.

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