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Poh Kiang

Tan (Dr)

Poh Kiang's Story

Dr Tan Poh Kiang is a family doctor and is also the president for HCA. HCA Hospice Care (HCA) is Singapore's largest home hospice care provider and has been a registered charity since 1989. The organisation provides comfort and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, nationality and financial status. 

Dr Tan journeyed with his brother who had liver cancer in 2018 - his brother died in less than 5 months. He turns to running as his time for worship and prayer; for confession and reflection - running is his therapy and his pleasure. 

For Relay Majulah, Dr Tan will be attempting 20km in 2 hours - something he has never attempted before. Even so, he is taking on the challenge to be part of a community that cares for the poor, disadvantaged and marginalised.

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