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Radeem's Story

Radeem Rahman is one of Singapore's first professional combat sport athletes. Coming from a humble background, Radeem had worked very hard after completing his National Service just to fund his dream of becoming a professional fighter. From taking up several jobs to training after work, it was sheer determination that propelled Radeem towards his goal. 


Today, he is Singapore's First Pro-MMA Hero fighting in ONE Championship. He has countless local and international wins for Muay Thai, MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, just to name a few. All these achievements were not without blood and tears. Radeem had suffered from broken fingers and ligament injuries in both knees. However, he did not choose the easy way out to retire when faced with multiple injuries. Instead, he chose to focus on healing and rehabilitation; and came back stronger in order to get back in the cage. 


Due to his past ligament injuries, long distance running is definitely a challenge for Radeem. However this year through the Relay Majulah, he is hoping to inspire people to strive for success and to see failure as a motivation instead of discouragment. A quote from Radeem he would like to share with everyone is - "Impossible is possible if you try".

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