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Raymond's Story

A Sales Executive in the semiconductor industry, Raymond Lim never liked any form of exercise, and was overweight, at 80 Kilograms, and suffered from high cholesterol. In 2015 he was determined to start light jogging and eating more healthily to bring his weight down, and succeeded; within 6 months his weight dropped to 65 Kilograms. 

Raymond realises that it is not difficult to slim down, the harder part was actually maintaining the routing of regular exercise, as well as having a healthy diet routine. To him, discipline and willpower are key to his health, and he is glad to have done what he did. He plans to continue keeping this lifestyle of keeping fit and healthy.

It is a challenge for Raymond to not only run in Relay Majulah, but complete it, but he is determined to do so, for a good case. He is inspired by the coming together of the many runners from all walks of life, taking part in Relay Majulah, helping others in need by fundraising and creating awareness for the many social needs in our society.

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