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Ronald's Story

Losing his father to a heart attack and with his mum currently a heart bypass patient, led Ronald Deng to realise the importance of staying healthy. He does not want his own family to to undergo the same mental stress and trauma that he has experienced years ago.

Ronald stared working out and fell in love with participating in Spartan Races after being introduced to the sport in 2016. He met many inspiring runners while training and many are 20 to 30 years older than him but are still able to run at an amazing pace. Humbled and inspired by the people he met, Ronald begin to train hard and completed Trifecta Weekend (3 races over 2 consecutive days) as well as Spartan Ultra (50km and 65 obstacles) in 2018. He also qualified for the Spartan World Trifecta Championship last year.

The change in his health and fitness in turn inspired many of the people around him to take part in Spartan racing, amongst them none other than his boss who is over 100kg in weight. The latter is currently actively training and losing weight to take part in the Spartan Race in August.

As a financial planner, Ronald's goal is not just to solve financial burdens for his friends and clients but also able to inspire them keep fit and enjoy the fruits of their good health.  Being a Christian, he is grateful for his good health and wants to use what he's been blessed with to raise money to help the needy. 

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