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Richardo and Michael's Story

In 2005, Michael Quek's world fell apart. The self-employed electrician and air-con installer suffered a stroke, which left him wheelchair-dependent. While it may seem natural to admit defeat, Michael's positive outlook enabled him to look beyond his disability. After spending three years focused on his recovery, he took up a multimedia course at SPD, a local charity that helps people with disabilities to maximise their potential and integrate them into society. SPD recommended him to Richardo Chua, the Group Managing Director of Adrenalin Group, an event management company that champions an inclusive workplace. At Adrenalin, 30 per cent of the employees have disabilities. Hiring persons with disabilities is a policy which Richardo Chua instituted from Day 1, and is part of the company's culture and DNA.


Michael and Richardo are running for a more inclusive Singapore, to advocate for inclusive employment, to raise awareness for social entrepreneurship and to show that each of us can all do a bit and collectively, we can do a lot.


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