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Ryan's Story

Ryan Ng, who co-founded Society Staples, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities, is training hard to get ready for Relay Majulah. Having eased off running three years ago following a bad knee injury, Ryan is mindful that this is an uphill task. But he wants to run, in pursuit of his dream for a more inclusive society in Singapore.

Ryan runs to bond with his brother, who despite his disabilities, has a positive outlook and aspires to live everyday to its fullest. The two brothers ran a 10km race together in early 2019 in Bangkok. It was not easy, with both slowed down significantly by factors like injuries and insufficient preparations. But they did not give up, and crossed the finish line together.

The key takeaway for Ryan was while inclusion can be hard to achieve, it all starts with taking the first step. In this spirit, he wants to run in Relay Majulah to spur more people into taking their first steps out in building a more inclusive Singapore for different communities.

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