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Ser Luck


Ser Luck's Story

Teo Ser Luck is an entrepreneur and Singapore Member of Parliament. He was a former Minister of State and a Mayor. Mr Teo spends his time to build businesses. His ventures are technology related in the areas of finance, education, food, hardware, general commodities, sports, fitness and event management. Despite a hectic schedule, Mr Teo works out daily and actively participates in sports such as football, triathlons, marathons and has completed 5 full Ironman distance races.


He is happy to participate in Relay Majulah to support a good friend of his who is organizing this meaningful initiative. He is a;so happy to do his part in helping those in need. He would like to invite all to join him in championing change in the lives of many so that together, we can build a nation that truly cares.

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