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Siew May


Siew May's Story

Due to an injury of the brain before, during, or in the first few of the months of birth, Oh Siew May was born with cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects muscular control and body moments. She has problems controlling some body moments and her speech is not clear as it is difficult to pronounce some words. She is the youngest of 5 children and grew up iin a village in the Eastern part of the Singapore attending the school of Cerebral Palsys. Despite family and financial difficulties, she was able to complete her Primary School Leaving Examination and went on to earn her N Level certificate at St Hilda's Secondary. After her N level, she worked at many jobs, including running her own pushcart business in a shopping mall and as an employee at a cold storage supermarket.

Not one to surrender to her physical handicap, she managed to scale Mt Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia, one of the tallest mountains in southeast Asia in 2005. She also wrote a book about the walls she had come up against, and had to scale or break down, to live a full life. Apart from her disability, she also faced family tragedies, social prejudice, and many personal challenges; the greatest of which is her own fear. By sharing her story, Siew May hopes to encourage other disabled to find light in their lives as she did. She also wants to bring hope to the parents of children with special needs, and send a message to employers to be open to hiring disabled people. Currently, she hopes to use as many platforms as she can to share her story in raising awareness of inclusive society in Singapore and giving hopes to others.

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