Shariff's Story

Born without a left foot, Shariff Abdullah had to endure all sorts of taunting and snide looks during his childhood. Things got better when he was able to walk thanks to the use of a prosthetic leg. His world came crashing down in 2008 when an infection on his stump necessitated a further amputation of around five inches. Shariff contemplated suicide and fell into a funk. Inspired by South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, a double below-knee amputee and six-time Paralympic sprint champion, Shariff became Singapore's very own Blade Runner. His first race, in 2009, was a mere 2.5km. But at the end of that year, Shariff ran his first-ever marathon in the Standard Chartered Singapore race. Shariff is now a full-time athlete and motivational speaker.

“I was born without a left foot and at 5 years old, I wore a wooden prosthetic leg. At 15-years old, I stopped school to help my mother to sell nasi lemak in the kampung and at 17-years old, I worked in a golf club as a caddy. Life has been challenging because of my disability but that doesn't stop me from pursuing my dreams.”

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