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Shi Xuan


Shi Xuan's Story

Teng Shi Xuan works as a Software Engineer and when he was a Normal Tech student, he faced many criticisms during those years. He later progressed to ITE, Polytechnic and then finally University. Those days were the most challenging times of his life but at the end of the day, he believes that if we persevere till the end of each challenge, the results will always be rewarding. It doesn't matter what people say you are, you just got to believe that you are not what they defined you to be.


As a volunteer himself, he coach people from Special Olympics of Singapore on distance running. He hopes our society can accept our friends with special needs and disabilities and take a step further to embrace them for who they are. This relay will have a 200 runners team to conquer 2000km over 8 days to raise funds for 67 supported charities under President's Challenge. Not everyone is born with the same calibre and background but he believes that as we come forward to run for the 67 charities, with everyone's small gestures and donations, we can bring Singapore towards a more inclusive and welcoming society.

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