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& Yingkai


Sherry's Story

Sherry Soon has been a special needs educator for over a decade, and in 2017 she founded a ground-up volunteering group, Be Kind SG, reaching out to 'less visible' communities such as adults and seniors with special needs. Her husband, Yingkai, is a manager at UOB and teaches yoga on weekends.


In 2000, Sherry woke up with a left foot drop, was sent to A&E, later diagnosed with vasculitis, the inflammation of the blood vessels. During flares, ulcers would develop on her feet, causing Sherry to be hospitalized and home-bound for a few months. Due to this condition, she is on lifetime medication and cannot run, walk, or even stand for prolonged periods of time. 

4 years ago, through serendipity, Sherry met her husband, Yingkai. He said he will be her ‘legs’ and she would be 'his ears' (he has minor hearing loss) so they could take care of each other. He is an avid runner, and had participated in many marathons. 

Through their shared participation in Relay Majulah, Sherry and Yingkai hope to raise awareness of all kinds of invisible disabilities and medical conditions, and seek for more understanding and empathy in our society and nation.

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