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Simin's Story

Simin Kuo has 2 loves - Singapore and running. In 2010, Simin sustained serious injuries after being knocked down by a bus while crossing the road during one of her runs. Despite doctors giving her a mere 30% chance of survival, Simin pulled through and managed to miraculously recover from her injuries. She continued to prove by her doctors wrong by training even harder after being advised by one to give up on running as it would be too tough. Since then, she has shed blood, sweat, and tears, logged thousands of kilometres, ruined dozens of shoes, and even got the chance to be a race pacer.

As she reflects on her experiences, Simin is thankful that she didn't give up on herself; her love for running was (and still is) strong enough to keep her going every day. She is proud to be a Singaporean as our good healthcare system and strong support network meant that she was able to return to doing her favourite sports. At the same time, Simin is aware that there are others who are not as lucky and are in need of our help. She hopes that everyone can get together to make Singapore a better home to live in. Through her participation in Relay Majulah, Simin hopes to help raise money for less fortunate in our society. 

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