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Sin Soon


Sin Soon's Story

Lim Sin Soon suffered from pneumonia in June 2018 and was out of action for 6 months. She started her training again after recovering from the sickness. Training is a lengthy process that requires a lot of discipline and determination but Sin Soon doesn't give up. Today, she is back to running and is also able to share her experience with other runners so that they may improve too. 

Sin Soon is always passionate to share her running experience and knowledge with runners that has expressed their interest to improve and progress. It inspires her to see these very runners improve and achieve good results as an outcome of her sharing, training and support.

Through her participation in Relay Majulah, she hopes to help the 67 charities under President's Challenge gain traction and raise awareness of their needs. She is looking forward to run with her fellow runners and support the charitable movement championed by Relay Majulah.

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