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Siow Huang


Siow Huang's Story

Holding the distinction of being Singapore's first female General, Brigadier General (BG) Gan Siow Huang is definitely someone who inspires not only respect, but awe as well, and currently serves as the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) Chief Of Staff. 

With adventure and a meaningful career in mind, as well as the belief that women can contribute to national defence, BG Gan signed on as an officer 26 years ago in the Singapore Armed Forces. She has since had many key appointments, from being in charge of Air Power Generation Command, Air Surveillance and Control Group, and even the commanding officer of the 203rd Squadron! A proud mother of three, as well as a volunteer with the Girl Guides Singapore, BG Gan is inspired by the commitment of the NS and regular personnel of the Singapore Armed Forces, whose role it is to defend Singapore.

Her reason for taking part in the Relay Majulah? 
Simply: 'to keep fit while contributing to a meaningful cause.'
To top it all off, she is planning to run a total of 10 kilometres, in a span of little more than 1 hour! 

She sincerely hopes that her efforts will help those in need, and possibly inspire others to do the same, and we just can't say no to a General, can we?

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