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Srividya's Story

As a primary student, Vidya (Srividya Vidyasagar) was not great in academics. Participating in sports, especially running at a very young age, brought the discipline in her to get better at her studies and be a team player. More importantly, it has taught her to fail with dignity and get right back at it stronger the next time. 


Vidya was born and raised in Mumbai but Singapore is now her home. She's an executive director for a global bank in their IT department. Vidya feels that running for the Relay Majulah is an opportunity to be a part of something for Singapore. To her, Singapore, her home, has adopted her and given her all the love, camaraderie and friendship that she can ever wish for.


Participating in the Relay Majulah is a challenge for Vidya as she has not been training consistently for a while because of a very demanding job. However, she will be putting this relay as her top priority in the coming months and is committed to train for it. After a major knee surgery in 2006,  Vidya managed to relearn how to walk and run and is confident that she can make a comeback. Vidya wishes to shoutout to everyone to support her in making a change by donating generously. 

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