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Teck Yin


Teck Yin's Story

Lim Teck Yin has amassed an incredible 38 years of experience in the public sector making his beginnings with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). In 2011, he assumed the role as the Chief Executive Office of Sports Singapore and has grown to be a familiar face in the Singapore’s sports community. Teck Yin plays an instrumental role in organising and fronting Singapore’s involvement in various key international sporting events including the Olympics.

Running might not be among Teck Yin’s favourite sports, but he is stepping out of his comfort zone to train and participate in Relay Majulah to show support, give encouragement and be an inspiration to everyone striving for a better tomorrow together. Through his participation he is confident that “someone somewhere will be touched enough to want to be better and do better”. This resonates deeply with Teck Yin as sports has played a huge role in shaping Teck Yin’s life. At an early age, he has learnt to cherish the camaraderie and encouragement derived from team sports as they form a fundamental part of his formative education and development. To Teck Yin, sports is a platform for us to challenge ourselves to live our best life.

A father of four, Teck Yin’s children serves as key source of inspiration for him as he learns to view life from fresh “lenses” and varying perspectives. “We all learn to take everything in stride if there are people around us who care enough to be a source of encouragement, inspiration and support.”

Through Relay Majulah, Teck Yin hopes join hands with like-minded individuals to do more for Singapore and our people. 

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