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Terence's Story

Terence Chiew is the Director of Innovation and Enterprise in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). He suffered from acute hypertension in the past and managed to overcome it through proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Running slowly became part of his life and through it, it changed the way he looks at the world and who he is. In the course of his journey in long distance races, he has broken many personal barriers and challenges. It has helped him to become physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.


Recently, through some coincidence, he was given the chance to start serving the community with some friends. Through this experience, he got to know that there are many fellow Singaporeans who are in need. The Relay Majulah is an opportunity for him to contribute back to society through his passion. His hope is that through this endeavor, other Singaporeans can join in to play a part in contributing back to society and in making our homeland a better place for all.

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